Sunday, April 20, 2008

Milk before bed

Almost every night, she asked for milk (in a bottle) before going to bed. It was either fresh milk (she called it Dutch L@dy), formula milk (we bought from the store) or H0rlicks!

It is actually good for her but she always asked the milk the moment everyone was already in the room (ready to sleep). Quite troublesome to go to the kitchen making the milk (if its H0rlicks or formula) and pouring it into the bottle indeed. Most of the time, she didn't finish the milk. She would leave at about 2 oz, though she has requested to have a full bottle (and I have to abide to avoid her from keep nagging). Good thing was, she went herself and store it in the fridge. Of course, I had to instruct her to do that. Otherwise, she just left the milk besides her pillow (wet the pillow sometimes and she would complain of bantal ni busuk!!)

Coan stopped breastfeeding when she was 3 1/2 years old! Everytime I came home from workplace, she would always come to me and ask me to lay besides her and nyonyot hehehe... If its not me who insisted her to stop, she would continue breastfeeding until I don't know when. I had to put jadam - didn't work. Then I put salt - it worked when I said it was ubat.

Perhpas that was the reason why Coan was so pampered. She's been too long on breastfeeding. Since Shahmey is breastfeeding now, I have to make sure he won't be that long. Can I manage that? I hope so :)