Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coan = Le0n La1??

Heheheeee... Coan, Auntie Nass mesti suka ni. Auntie Nass ni sukaaa sangat Le0n La1 ni dulu tau. Ummi selalu temankan dia cari 'muka' Le0n La1 kat G1ant Seksyen 18 tu.. Kalau boleh, semua gambar Le0n La1, Auntie Nass nak beli. Betul tak nass?? *grin*

Saja suka-suka. Ummi takde kerja la ni. Hehehe...

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She's a year older...

Thank you Auntie Manje :)

Waiting for the bus on her birthday

Today in 2002, Coan was 1 day old. Since this year is 2008, she is 6 years and 1 day old. She was born on 16 March 2002 in Kuantan Medical Centre through a Caeserian delivery.

Yesterday, her lovely Abah has bought a Baskin Robbin Ice Cream cake for Coan to celebrate her birthday at school. I've prepared very cheap a few goody bags that contain drink and biscuits for her friends.

Since the pictures were taken using my camera by her teacher, the quality was not that good.

Today, my friend, Manje has emailed a very nice gift for Coan. I've posted the gift on this page (Manje, Coan kata, thank you Auntie Manje...)

Coan, Happy 6th Birthday to you. Ummi hope you will be anak solehah and always make Ummi and Abah happy. Ummi and Abah love you forever :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I can't recall myself having had a dictation when I was 6 years old (in kindergarten). I could hardly knew A B C then. I remember the only thing that made me so excited to go to my kindergarten was the playground! We could play with the sand too... :).

Here, in Saudi (perhaps other places too), kids have to do dictation / spelling. Teachers would dictate the words and the kids will have to spell. It is a huge problem if the kids can't even read. If we can't read, how could we spell? It's really impossible.

What teachers did was, they asked the kids to memorize the words. Then, before dictation time, teachers would give kids all words that will be asked during the exam. That happened in Coan's school. Her tuition teacher, Ms Shehnaaz also did the same. The only different was, Coan had a 1 to 1 learning with Shehnaaz and 1 to many learning at school.

When Coan was in KG2 (she's in KG1 temporarily at the moment), her teacher taught her animals and their babies (ie: cat and kitten). Yesterday, when Shehnaaz dictate words to Coan, she made 1 mistake. Shehnaaz asked her to spell chick. Instead of spelling chick, she spelled hen! Look at the picture below. Perhaps, she had in mind that most of other animals are mothers. So, when Shehnaaz said chick, she taught of a mother of the chick which is hen!

Though she made a few mistakes, I noticed her improvement. Before this, she can't even spell even a word. Pity her. Her teacher always scolded her and put nasty remarks on her book like 'never learn???' and 'don't study???'. I am not bluffing when I put many question marks there. The teacher really treated her like a 15 years old student whereas she is just 6 years old.

I hope, she will keep improving herself so that I could transfer her back to KG2. Insyaallah...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another tuition for her...

Coan has started her 2nd tuition class 2 weeks ago. She has stopped going to Ms Laly's house since Ms Laly decided to take care of Coan in her class (KG1). Coan is supposed to be in KG2 buat she is put in KG1 which is 1 grade lower.

I'm not happy about this but I'm telling myself, if Coan can read soon enough, I'll transfer her back to KG2. The teacher in KG2 is not patient enough. She can't stand to see 1 of her students not being able to read. Instead of coaching, she suggested to down grade the student. So far, I could see a bit of improvement in Coan's performance. She could recognize letter now (she didn't really before).

Partly, it was our mistake too, I guess. She played a lot in her previous kindergarten. Also, her teacher just let her played around instead of sitting in the class and learned. At home, she didn't do her homework and I wasn't firm enough to make sure she did her homework. Oh well, too much regrets. Why should I? Pass is pass. We should move on, looking at the future.

So, I decided to send her to a new teacher. Her name is Shehnaaz, an Indian lady. She is not a school teacher but she teaches playschool in the morning. She teaches the kids to read and communicate. I guess that is what exactly Coan needs.

I hope and really pray Coan can improve this time. Shehnaaz just has 1 student in the evening - Coan. It'll be easier for her to coach Coan. We'll see her progress in a month time. Till then, Ummi is signing off...